Finca Patagonia

Sweet with notes of fresh sugarcane juice, chocolate and prunes, juicy, full body and mild in acidity with a long aftertaste. 

Roast level: medium roast.

Finca Patagonia is very delicious in every kind of coffee method.


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  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: Ilotepec (Apaneca-Ilamatepec).
  • Town: Ataco.
  • Farm: Finca Patagonia.
  • Owner: Oscar and Christian Schaps.
  • Processing: Fully washed and sun dried.
  • Altitude: 1,250 metres above sea level.
  • Varietal: 70% Pacas, 30% Bourbon.

In March of 2013, Oscar and Christian Schaps decided to buy Finca Patagonia from their uncle Julio Salinas after learning that he had put it up for sale. The Schaps brothers are fourth generation coffee producers in Guatemala and owners of the well-known farms Finca Los Caballitos and Finca Santa Paula, and at the time they had been considering investing in El Salvador in order to pursue new challenges and expand their portfolio of coffees. Patagonia was a must for the Schaps brothers since this farm was their grandfather’s, and they could not bear to see it go out of the family. Since then, the brothers have been working hard to transform Patagonia into a Specialty Coffee farm, just like their farms in Guatemala. 

Finca Patagonia is made up of 14 hectares which look towards the Pacific Ocean and has the potential to produce around 500 bags of coffee annually. The farm is currently planted under 70% Pacas trees and around 30% Bourbon and is 100% shade grown, using primarily Inga trees to provide protection from sun and heat. Due to the strong winds that characterize this area of the Ilotepec region, which lies high within the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, the Schaps brothers have found that many old Bourbon trees have struggled to survive. In these areas, they have been hard at work renovating and planting Pacas variety trees, which are shorter and more resistant to the wind. 

Finca Patagonia uses traditional practices such as the pruning of shade trees and coffee trees, and good soil management. The Schaps brothers have also used the cutting edge practices through intensive soil and leaf analysis, a new program of Pre- and Post-flowering foliar fertilizers and soil fertilizer has been implemented. Instead of one shade pruning a year, two smaller prunings are undertaken – one after production to insure the best flowering and plant growth and the second right before the picking season to ensure a well-balanced ripening of the cherries. This coffee is fully washed and sun dried resulting in a sweet, a clean and a juicy cup.