Fazenda Bela Vista

Flavour: Well balanced, brown sugar sweetness and syrupy mouthfeel with dark chocolate and roasted almond notes, full body and low in acidity with a long aftertaste.

Roast level: medium roast.

Fazenda Bela Vista is very delicious for all brewing methods.


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  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Cerrado Mineiro
  • Town: Ibia.
  • Farm: Bela Vista.
  • Owner: Luciano Tannuri.
  • Processing: Natural.
  • Altitude: 980 Metres above sea level.
  • Varietal: 100% Mundo Novo.

Bela Vista means “beautiful view” in Portuguese. The farm is located at the Sao Gotardo micro region – the average altitude in the region is 1,100 metres above sea level. Luciano, owner of the farm,  pays great  attention to the coffee processing techniques to ensure the highest coffee quality produced. 

The 90% of the farm is covered by a drip irrigation system, which gives greater control over periods of flowering.

During the harvest season, great care is taken to ensure that those lots with quality potential receive a careful and different treatment during harvest and post-harvesting. Harvest plots are delineated according to planting year and variety. This Mundo Novo lot was mechanically harvested, with at least two passes being completed. The first pass is completed without vibration in order to harvest only the most fully-ripe cherries and to avoid any fruit drop. The second pass happens 30 to 40 days after this, just in time for the second ripening.

Once harvested, the coffee cherries are laid on patios in very thin layers for the first day. Here, they are left to pre-dry without turning. On the second day, the coffee is raked several times, slowing reducing moisture levels. As the coffee dries, it is raked into thicker layers to slow the rate of moisture loss. Coffee will continue drying on the patios for 8 days, after which it will be moved to mechanical dryers for finishing. Here it dried at 30 to 45 degrees with ‘cool down’ periods approximately every 8 to 10 hours (it is dried during the day and rested and cooled during the night). The coffee will remain for up to 3 days in the mechanical dryer, after which it will be bagged and rested.